Art Submissions

Guide & Spec Sheet for Artwork Submissions

If your creating your own artwork, please review the guidelines below prior to submitting Design files.


You can submit your files on a CD, DVD, flash drive or via our FTP site, or we recommend For any assistance on how to upload your files, please contact us at [331] 303•5952 or email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Applications Supported
We recommend you supply artwork created in the following applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or high-resolution Adobe PDF. We can accept but cannot guarantee results created in other applications.

File types:

  • Raster files: [Photoshop Files]
 Must be one of the following:

.tif with LZW compression
.jpg saved at maximum quality.
.psd or Photoshop file.

    • Vector files: 
Must be saved as Encapsulated Post Script, or .eps. All linked files must be sent as a different file.
    • Fonts: Please supply all fonts with your artwork. Convert all fonts to curves/outlines. If this is not possible, include all fonts used or check with us to ensure that we have your fonts in our database. If we don’t have them available, for an additional fee we can purchase them for you.
    • File Preparation: For large format prints: Please provide a minimum of 4 inches bleed all around the actual size, indicated with crop marks or guides.
    • Resolution: Artwork resolution at full size
 150 DPI at full scale or higher. Large format printing and vehicle wraps requires high-resolution images only.
  • Color: All files provided must be in CMYK. The proper reproduction of colors is of the utmost importance, so it is essential that we are made aware of any critical colors BEFORE going to print. There may be an additional charge for color proofs. [see proofing services below]
    • Pantone colors can only be simulated when printed. If you have used Pantone referenced colors in your artwork, and are concerned about how a particular color will reproduce and would like to check for color accuracy, then it is essential that a machine proof be requested before we go to press. (see proofing services below) Not all Pantone colors can be accurately matched using CMYK 4 color printers or certain inks. If your brand requires precision color, you must make this clear when placing your order. There may be an additional charge for color proofs. We use Pantone Solid to Process Guide Coated as our color-matching standard.
  • Scanning: If flat artwork (photographs etc.) scanning is required, it is vital that they are scanned at the correct resolution. Please talk to one of our sales team for more information, including pricing on scanning.
  • Proofs: When supplying artwork, it is essential to also supply a color proof. The following are acceptable proof formats:
    • Hard Color Proof: Please make sure to include print sizes, marking any critical colors.
    • Hard Black & White Proof: Only be used to check content and positioning. Any critical colors can still be marked.
    • Jpeg Proof: Supplied electronically, this can be used to check layout and colors, although any critical colors must be clarified in writing.
    • PDF Proof: Supplied electronically, this can be used to check layout and colors, although any critical colors must be clarified in writing.
  • Proofing Services: Before production of any projects commence, one of the following proofing options must take place:
    • Client supplies a valid proof.
    • We create a PDF proof, which we can email to you. This must be approved by the Client before proceeding.
    • We provide a printed color proof, mailed or delivered to you. There will be a charge for this option for printing and delivery.

For us to proceed with production of your work without a client approved proof, you are in agreement that Da Vinci Wrap Masters is not liable in the event of any omissions or errors in respect to the client supplied artwork.

To eliminate any possible printing errors, the best process is for us to produce a machine proof. This option consists of either a scaled down version or section of the artwork printed at full size, enabling the client to check colors, image resolution and any finishing options (laminates etc.) that you may require. Our sales team will be able to give you a cost for this service.

Once your file[s] have been successfully loaded, you will be taken to a confirmation page. Our design team will review your files and get back to you quickly with any questions.

Any files not prepared according to the specifications listed above and requiring Da Vinci Wrap Masters production time will require additional costs. Ensuring the quality of your investment meets or exceeds our highest of standards is of the utmost importance to us.

Additional Questions?

Please call [331] 303-5952 or email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

(All of the above information is considered confidential to Da Vinci Wrap Masters and should not be copied and reproduced without prior consent and permission of Da Vinci Wrap Masters.)