Da Vinci Wrap Masters

Da Vinci Wrap Masters was founded by an alumni of the American Academy of Art, one of the most prestigious art schools in the United States.  Led by CGI Illustrator and Art Director Anthony Colonna, his Agency experience as a graphic artist for more then 30 years encompasses everything from logo development, 3D photo compositing to corporate branding and our unsurpassed head turning Air Craft & Architectural wrap services.

Why choose Da Vinci Wrap Masters?

Design Team.  Our ability to communicate visually is driven by a deep understanding of color harmonies, shapes & texture, design balance, typography as well as a solid understanding of emerging trends in the graphic industry.   Da Vinci Wrap Masters Design Team skills are at the leading edge of design, providing services that are current, impactful and relevant.  Making our clients vision a reality based on a solid artistic foundation is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Professional Installers.   Our Studio utilizes Professionals that use installation techniques that alleviate costly prep work, helping us deliver compelling wraps at a fraction of the cost of traditional paint by the industries most respected professionals.

Education.  Not only are our personnel educated in the highest levels of their respected positions, we strive to enlighten our clients as well.  Wraps are an investment. Before proceeding, we wish to share as much information as possible with you so you can make the best decision possible when making your wrap choices.  We achieve this by collaborating with our clients, providing design options that conceptualize your vision.

Goals.  Da Vinci Wrap Masters are here to assist you in achieving your individual goals, whether your needs center around the delivery of a marketing message or a personal statement with customized graphics.

Once your vision has been created, we’ll transform your Air Craft or Walls using the highest quality materials available.  We can also transform your graphic vision through artistic enhancements on other vehicles, providing a consistent image that ensures your custom graphics exhibit your individual style and personal tastes in the most cohesive manner possible.